More about Simon

Date of Birth:   09/13/2013

Weight:  62 very friendly pounds

Favorite Toy:  Duck and Octopus

Favorite Snack:  Good Buddy meaty bones

Pet Peeves:  Being ignored.  (Who could ignore me!)

Favorite Pastimes:  Greeting customers at El Prado and sitting on my Mom's lap

Most likely to: Wiggle my bottom incredibly hard and bring a toy to all my people friends

Least likely to:  Ignore any human, dog or treat

Best Friend:  Tory, my half-sister

Hi! I'm Simon. El Prado's English Creme Golden Retriever. Follow me on Instagram (ElPrado02) as I take you on my adventures in my home of Vero Beach, FL.  We will have a ruffing good time.  

Simons says we will!